David Gardner-Martin









The Lords of Blood and Honey

Set in a vast and isolated city Kingdom; strangely familiar, but disturbingly different from those found in our own history. When the King is murdered and the Queen cast; powerful forces vie for the vacant Crown.

There is Cardinal Oblong, determined to build an all-powerful and even richer Holy Church of Afterwards.

There is Lord Chillhide, a young noble who seeks the Crown and a return to traditional Purethic values.

And standing against them both, the towering figure of Lord Hardknot, Keeper of the Royal Honeybees, a man driven by love of nature and hatred for the Church.  He seeks to restore an ancient cult of Honeyism that worships bees and honey, and has summoned evil beings to the Hivedom to aid him.

Living within the gathering storm is Mr Pooter, a young man with worries of family and a new business.  When a strange and aged noble visits his office one day, Pooter is given a deadly mission that shatters his ordered world.  Only one such as he, ‘a person rarely noticed’, has a chance of finding and saving the new Queen; a young girl unaware of the magical potential that grows within her. 

But dark forces lie in wait.

'Rich in imagery and the scale of the world you’ve created is fascinating.  One of the most original novels I’ve seen in some time. There are some dazzling ideas here.'

Kathryn Robinson


'The narrator’s tone is spot-on throughout – authoritative, but crackling with a dark, dry wit.'



'Punsworth Pooter is a wonderful character.  It could make an excellent film. 

A lot of your concepts are very visual.'

Dinah Ceely



'This is richly imaginative writing.  A fantasy novel with a thoughtful, allegorical strand.  Highly imaginative and wonderfully evocative.'

Kylie Fitzpatrick


'The subject matter is compelling and poignant. You have developed such a rich and interesting world.'

Frances Moloney



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David is currently working on The Lords of Blood and Crystal

Book Two in The Kingdom of Honey trilogy



email:  david@davidgardnermartin.co.uk